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Photographs Aeolian islands

 Formerly called Ericusa, by the presence on the island of heather.
Anciently Filicudi was Phoenicoides called for the large number of ferns on the island.
 Of great interest on this island the presence of numerous and beautiful sea caves.
Sea cave of Filicudi
Anciently called Euonymus, the charming island has been inhabited since prehistoric times.
Are typical and romantic streets, without lighting, passable only on foot or with the bike-bee
Or Strongyle (the round) has been known since ancient times for its volcano.
Anciently called Euonymus, the charming island has been inhabited since prehistoric times.
 The most important and extensive of the Aeolian Islands.
Administratively it belongs to Lipari extended to 3.4 sq mm
Stromboli è l'isola più orientale delle Isole Eolie. Il vulcano che forma l'isola è in attività costante da millenni e regala spettacolari fontane di lava.
Dal punto di vista geologico Panarea è la più antica isola delle Eolie.
Stromboli is the easternmost island of the Aeolian Islands. The volcano that forms the island is in constant activity for thousands of years and boasts spectacular lava fountains.
Its name comes from a saltwater pond place in the southern part of the island that was once used as salt.
Famous for the production of Malvasia
Stromboli is the most famous island for the charm of its still active volcano.
Beaches of pebbles and rocks, plateaus from which to admire Panarea and Stromboli or the wildest Alicudi and Filicudi, blue sea.
But it never seems to have been inhabited until very recent age
Unique in the world
Taste the fabulous Sicilian cuisine.
It arrives by the desire to reach an uncontaminated and wild nature.
It offers breathtaking scenery and the warmth of Sicily

The Aeolian Islands

They have been named World Heritage by UNESCO for the volcanic phenomena, are located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, north of the Sicilian coast. They include two active volcanoes, Stromboli and Vulcano.

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The Egadi Islands

It includes three main islands: Favignana (the largest), Levanzo (the lowest) and Marettimo, and two large Maraona and Formica rocks emerging from the blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.