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Castellam. del Golfo\ Trapani
Trapani\Castellam. del Golfo
Alternate Weeks
Check-in From 17:00 P.M. (Frist Day)
Check-out to 09:00 (Last day)
Day 1 - Saturday

Arrival and on your own transfer to Castellammare.
17:00 P.M.
welcome cocktail on board and informational briefing.
Dinner on your own and overnight onboard.

  Day 2 - Sunday

 Breakfast Onboard.
It starts to explore the stunning natural reserve of Zingaro (departure from Scopello).
A seventeenth century baglio (from bahal: courtyard) surrounded of homes, a square and for centuries, a place also of "tuna traps".
Lunch on board and bow to the imposing mountains, deep indentations and the wide valleys of the Natural Reserve for the 7 km of coastal shore.
Dinner and Overnight onboard.

 Day 3 - Monday

Breakfast Onboard.
Navigating to this delightful village, where the coastline made of rocks opens the view to one of the most beautiful and famous beaches of Sicily, with the finest sand which sometimes seems like gold.
Lunch, Dinner and overnight onboard.

 Day 4 - Tuesday LEVANZO ISLAND
 Breakfast Onboard.
Sailing to the Levanzo island, the smallest of the Aegadian, covered by hills which culminate in Peak of Monaco.
The northern part of the island is a succession of rocky and steep and beautiful coves. Among Levanzo and the Sicilian coast there are the islands of Maraone and Formica.
Dinner and overnight onboard.

 Day 5 - Wednesday

Colazione a bordo.
excursion to explore the many caves that characterize the coast and steep walls like Cave of the Camel, with the bottom of a small pebble beach, the Thunder Cave, the Perciata Cave, and in particular the Presepio Cave, so named due to the action of water and wind that have transformed the rocks in the shape of statues of the Nativity.
For those who want, it's possible an extra trip at the Island National Park in collaboration with the local boatmen.

Day 6 - Thursday

Breakfast Onboard.
Sailing to the island of Favignana, where the small port is located in a wide bay dominated by the Fort of St. Catherine (now a military garrison) on top.
All around there are beautiful beaches and coves: Cala Azzurra the wide beach of Lido Burrone.
Guests can also visit the Grotta Azzurra (for color taken from the water), the Cave of Sighs, and the Cave of Lovers, for the two rocks side by side on the same wall.
Day 7 - Friday

 After lunch, destination to Trapani, where you can get off for a visit to the town center and the delicious Erice (optional).
Dinner on your own, Overnight in port. 

Day 8 - Saturday

Breakfast Onboard.
Disembark before 9:00. A.M.

The Aeolian Islands

They have been named World Heritage by UNESCO for the volcanic phenomena, are located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, north of the Sicilian coast. They include two active volcanoes, Stromboli and Vulcano.

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The Egadi Islands

It includes three main islands: Favignana (the largest), Levanzo (the lowest) and Marettimo, and two large Maraona and Formica rocks emerging from the blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.